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Way to Save #88: Get A Free Energy Audit

Many utility companies will come out to your house for free or at a nominal cost and tell you how to save money. If yours will, let em. And while they’re there… Many utility compan

A. Audits | ASPE

All the MLTSS programs conduct routine audits of MCOs. What varies among them is the frequency and intensity of focus. Half of the programs conduct annual audits in-house (Pennsylv

Energy executive: Texas power plants turned off in crisis | MarketBeat

The head of a major Texas energy corporation says forced blackouts that left 4 million customers without electricity also unplugged plants that could have generated more power as t

It’s Time For Your Drive-By Energy Audit

An ambitious company is attempting to use thermal cameras attached to cars to capture images of how every building in America is wasting energy. An award-winning team of journalist

Home Energy Audit | Today's Homeowner

Listen to this tip to find out how to go about conducting a DIY home energy audit. Audio Playback Not Supported An energy audit is basically a close look at your home and its syste

Home Energy Audit: Evaluating Efficiency | HGTV

Form a plan for your energy-efficient home improvements with help from Wilson suggests these tips for making the most of a HERS test:

How to Make Compost Tea: The Organic Energy Drink for Plants - Dengarden

Make a compost tea brewing system from a few basic materials. While there are many commercial products available, making a simple and effective compost tea brewing system is an eas

What Percent of the Sun's Energy Do Plants Use?

For photosynthesis, plants use approximately 0.023 percent of sunlight energy. This is a very small percentage that plants need to make food when compared For photosynthesis, plant

U.S. Marines to Conduct Energy Audit in Afghanistan

The leader of the U.S. Marine Corps has ordered the first ever war zone energy audit in an effort to cut down on the enormous amount of energy used. The U.S. military has an enormo

How to Plant a Wind Break to Save Energy

Learn how to plant a wind break or even a single shade tree in the right place to reduce your electric bills while beautifying your home. Most people love trees, but few realize th

What to Do If You're Being Audited

You've gotten the dreaded notice from the IRS. The government has chosen your file for an audit. Now what? Audits are most people's worst nightmare. It's a giant hassle and you hav