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How to Conduct Right Maintenance for the Sludge Thickener

Sludge thickener Emergency Handling Method: “Pressure” is mainly caused by blockage of the slurry line or long-term stoppage. It is necessary to stop the feed, and then rinse the discharge port with water of 0.5~0.8MPa. There are floating objects in the overflow pool and cleaned up.

Control Corrosion in Copper Recovery Operations: SX-EW Plants

Good copper recoveries can also be achieved by vat leaching of copper oxides and silicates with dilute sulphuric acid. In one vat leaching plant, crushed ore is placed in 110 x 100 x 18-ft concrete vats and leached with up to 10% sulphuric acid solution. Most piping, pumps, valves, clarifier arms, and even the 8-yd clamshell bucket at the plant are fabricated of AISI types. 316 and 316L stainless steels. According to the maintenance superintendent, service has been virtually trouble-free.

Froth flotation -

Material Being Floated Cells Per Bank Minimum Usual Range 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 Zinc Tungsten Silica (from phosphate) Silica (from iron ore) Sand Potash Phosphate Oil Nickel Molybdenum Lead Fluorspar Feldspar Effluents Copper Coal Barite Example Calculation: Problem: As an example of sizing flotation cells, consider the following copper ore: Specific gravity of dry ore = 2.7 Optimum Percent Solids in Laboratory Flotation Machine = 30% Optimum Laboratory Flotation Retention Time = 6.5 minutes

Note: Thedevelopment ofAGIT AIR flotation machines › Journal › v076n11p445cells operate at capacities as high as 500ft3. The latest additions to the AGITAIR range of flotation cells are the No. 144and the No. 120x800.Theformer hasacapacity of650ft3and measures 144inches square by54inches deep; thelatter is240inches wide, 120inches long, and 52inches deep with acapacity of800ft3.Table Ishows the differ-

Here Are the Analysis and Solutions for Common failures of

In the long-term operation state, due to the strong rotation of the flotation cell's ore slurry in the flotation tank, the lower tank body of the flotation cell is severely worn and gradually thinned, resulting in wear and deformation of the surrounding guard plates.

What Should be Noted in the Daily Maintenance of Flotation

Flotation machine is one of the most common mineral processing equipment used for separating copper, lead, zinc, nickel, gold, which can be divided into mechanical agitation flotation machine and air inflation flotation machine. The working principle of flotation machine is that the v-belts of rotating motor drives the impeller to rotate and form the negative pressure, so the air mixes with pulp and reagent, then forming the fining foam. The mineral adheres on the foam, and generates the

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BENEFITS OF HIGH INTENSITY FLOT ATION AT THE Jameson cellKeywordsJameson Cell, Prefloat, Zinc, Copper, Scalping The Jameson Cell is a high intensity flotation device, which utilises induced air from atmosphere. It was developed jointly by Mount Isa Mines and Prof. GJ Jameson of the University of Newcastle in the 1980s. It is proven to generate fine bubbles, in the order of 300 Flotation Cell Design: Application of Fundamental Principlescells and details of this design will be discussed later i

Here Are the Analysis and Solutions for Common failures of

In the long-term operation state, due to the strong rotation of the flotation cell's ore slurry in the flotation tank, the lower tank body of the flotation cell is severely worn and gradually thinned, resulting in wear and deformation of the surrounding guard plates. Copper Ore Flotation Cell Plate Damage Copper Ore Flotation Cell Plate Damage » If the filter cloth of the plate and frame filter press is worn, the mud will seep into the filter plate from the filter cloth, and the filtrate will become turbid. At this point, the operator needs to stop the filtering operation of the plate and frame filter press in time, check the leakage of turbid filtrate, and repair or replace the new filter cloth. If the operator finds that the press cloth is folded, check the press cloth for mud cake attachment, or check the press cloth spring tension. When the press cloth spring tension is insufficient and the mud cake is attached to the press cloth, the operator should clean the press cloth or replace the press cloth spring. During the whole dehydration process, the press cloth of the plate and frame filter press should always be kept in a smooth state. See full list on The hydraulic system of plate and frame filter press is composed of hydraulic station, pipeline, oil cylinder and hydraulic motor. If the hydraulic system failure will directly affect the efficiency of the plate and frame filter press. The main function of the hydraulic system is to provide pressure for the plate-frame filter press. In the actual production process, there are two common failure phenomena, the hydraulic system pressure can not maintain and hydraulic cylinder propulsion is not appropriate. If the operator discovers either of these faults in the hydraulic system, check for oil leakage, wear of the o-ring, or the status of the solenoid. Common remedies for this type of fault are to remove and inspect the valve, replace the o-ring, clean and inspect the solenoid valve, or replace the solenoid valve. Hydraulic cylinder propulsion is not suitable because of the majority of the air is sealed in the internal caused, at this point as long as the system pumping can be resolved. See full list on During the operation of the plate-frame filter press, the operator shall clearly understand the causes of the above problems and the solutions. Of course, in addition to this, in the actual production process, there will be other problems, such as the failure of the plate puller, insufficient congestion of the filter chamber and so on. When the fault occurs, the operator shall analyze the problem and troubleshoot the fault. If the problem is complicated and difficult to troubleshoot, the operator can consult the manufacturer and experts of relevant equipment. Last: How To Solve The Seal Failure of Slurry Pump? Next: Mineral Vibrating Screen Maintenance See full list on However, flotation machine usually includes motor, bearing, scraper, center cylinder, cell body, steady flow plate, nozzle, impeller, suction pipe and other devices. The flotation machine maintenance personnel and operators must be familiar with the structure parameters of each type and type of flotation machine according to the actual situation of the plant, in order to ensure that problems can be found in time to avoid the impact of economic benefits.

The use of seawater as process water at Las Luces copper › science › article The flotation feed in terms of copper minerals is mostly chalcopyrite and chalcocite, with molybdenum mostly as molybdenite. The flotation reagent suite varies with ore type but in general the collectors used are sodium isobutyl xanthate (SIBX), AP 404, AP 3477 and MX 7013.