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Carrier-operated Rock Splitter - Darda GmbH

Darda Special Lubricant +++ available, - not available . Download Product Information . Product Overview. Splitters. Combi-Shears. Hydraulic power units. Concrete Crushers. Steel Shears. Tank Cutter. Multi Cutter. Carrier-operated Rock Splitter. Product O

Darda Rock Splitter | Darda C20 | Hydraulic Darda Rock Splitters

One of the most stressful parts of the construction industry is down-time. S & D Rock Company offers . 24-hour emergency service for our customers in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

Carrier-operated Rock Splitter » Darda GmbH

The carrier-operated Rock Splitter C20 convinces with its high level of productivity and safety. For horizontal and vertical use with diverse and specific splitting requirements, and also extremely agile. For carriers from 5 - 7 tons.

Darda Hydraulic Rock And Concrete Splitter Suppliers

Product Details. Darda Hydraulic Rock and Concrete Splitter. C12 hydraulic splitter is a whole set of device to split rock, stone, concrete etc. It consists of diesel power pack, hydraulic power unit and splitting wedges.

Rock Splitter - Splitter for Demolition - Elco Darda

The Darda Rock Splitter is a powerful new product to the Creighton Rock Drill line up. This rock-splitting unit can be powered by air, gas, or electricity, but regardless of its power source, the Darda Rock Splitter delivers quick, controlled demolition. We have two models available as well as three choices of power packs.

Darda Rock Splitters - Tunnel work

Only with a Darda hydraulic rock and concrete splitter was it possible to excavate the tunnel without creating dust, noise or vibrations and without putting the houses at risk. furthermoer, the splitter was able to break down the hard rock without difficulty since the Darda splitter applies force inside the material itself. In this case, one C 11 SL splitting cylinder and a mobile A1-type compressed air motor unit were used. Two workers carried out the drilling and splitting, while a third

Darda - rocbo.com

Darda also manufactures hydraulic Combi-Shears, Aggregates and many other hydraulic demolition tools. Since 2014 Rocbo is dealer of Darda GmbH, based in Blumberg, Germany.

Elco Darda C20 Rock Splitter - Creighton Rock Drill Ltd.

C20 Carrier Mounted Splitter The C20H is the largest Darda splitting cylinder and is designed to be used in conjunction with a 5-7 ton excavator. The cylinder is mounted to the carrier using one of four different methods: chain, carriage, and two different types of rigid mounting configurations. The C-20 is extremely well suited for ledge work and larger trenches, and is effective at removing large blocks of rock.

Darda Rock Splitter | Darda C20 | Hydraulic Rock Splitters

DARDA Hydraulic Splitters are extremely cost-effective solutions for rock and concrete breaking. Due to the ability to produce massive, predetermined blocks of material, DARDA Hydraulic Splitters can outperform hydraulic hammers and blasting operations. The tools will break the hardest rock and strongest concrete with ease, much more effectively than even large hydraulic hammers. These extremely versatile tools can take on everything from high-production jobs to high-precision work. So

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Darda's Hydraulic Rock and Concrete Splitters

Darda Hydraulic Rock & Concrete Splitters manufactured by Darda GmbH, Germany have been used with great success in over 80 Countries for the past 4 decades for Rock Excavation, concrete demolition and Pile Cutting as they provide a powerful and extremely cost effective alternative to other conventional demolition techniques.Hydraulic Splitting means controlled splitting, and this method eliminates shock waves, vibrations, dust and noise that large impact tools usually produce.

Darda Rock Splitter | Darda C20 | Hydraulic Rock Splitters

Darda Rock Splitter Repair. We're here to help, (347) 409-7934 Hydraulic Hammer not doing the job? Rock Splitting is your answer!

Darda Rock Splitter | Darda C20 | Hydraulic Rock Splitters

Darda Rock Splitter Repair experts. Call today: (347) 409-7934 Email us: [email protected] We Serve The Whole U.S.

Splitters - Products » Darda GmbH

Splitters are handheld demolition devices, which controllably split material with the use of hydraulic pressure . Above all they convince when larger conventional demolition devices are ruled-out because they produce dust, flying debris, vibration, noise and possibly exhaust fumes. DARDA Hydraulic Splitters are extremely reliable and durable. The special alloys and designs that DARDA and ELCO incorporate into their tools leads to extremely long service life and easy change of wear components, far superior to competing products. Darda Rock Splitters are Cost Effective, Safe, Simple, Reliable and Durable. People also ask Where can I get a Darda rock splitter? Darda Rock Splitters - Demolition, Concrete, Rock, Stone, Quarry Shop by Vendor Texas Pneumatic Chicago Pneumatic Atlas Copco American Pneumatic Rhino 888-883-5144 888-883-5144 303-433-5144 Construction Tools Post Drivers Rock Splitters - Demolition, Concrete, Rock, Stone

RSRC distributes Darda specialized rock and concrete demolition equipment for the United States and Canada.

STM - Darda Rock Splitters

Hydraulic rock and concrete splitters providea powerful and extremely cost-effective alternativeto other conventional demolition techniques.Hydraulic splitting means controlledsplitting, and this method eliminates shockwaves, vibrations, dust and noise that largeimpact tools usually produce. DARDA rockand concrete splitters have been used withgreat success in over 80 countries for thepast 30 years. The high quality, reliabilityand durability of the equipment is unsurpassed.