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Equities running close does absolutly not mean that you constantly have to get it in with 55% equity. I am sure this is not quite the answer you were looking for. But I'm thinking you're propably just getting started with PLO and the numbers of someone who's been playing higher stakes and for some reason put in 300k+ hands at lowstakes for a From 50PLO to 200PLO in 10 months. ruletti. 11-01-2020 11:41 PM by nuxxx. 12: 1,467 (100k USD challenge) Press ENTER. TrainTicket. 11-01-2020 08:40 PM by TrainTicket. 0: 149 : Crush PLO PGC thread 2020. iamayes. 11-01-2020 06:01 PM by S1C. 7: 1,103 : Fir Just a small PLO goal.. - Page 2 - Poker Goals & Challenges 10/06/2020Having a really bad downswing immediately after setting poker 14/07/2018LLSNL and Bovada - Building a bankroll - Page 5 - Poker Goals 05/07/2015Best site for low stakes PLO? (EU) - Rakeback and Affiliates 17/12/2010See more results

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After reaching this goal I want establish myself self as a 50PLO regular. My bankroll at the moment= 5.920 Euro . My 25 PLO results: 50 PLO and higher: Adelaney. Member. June 4, 2020 at 11:52 am. Hey Berkuma, Thanks for creating a blog 🙂 best of luck w

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My first 5,700 hands at 50PLO. Down almost 3 BI with EV roughly breakeven. Definitely donked off some stacks and red-line is looking rough. I have seemed to make progress to a more flat red-line in the last couple sessions. I realized how bad I suck at PLO! I love the game though and believe there is a huge edge to be earned.

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December 14, 2020 at 4:22 pm Dealing with downswings can really be hard especially when there is a big difference with EV and actual winnings. I notice that when playing I really can get annoyed at the fact that I’m running under EV in a session and that can lead to suboptimal plays.

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I tried to for the sit n crush 8-14 tabling all sit n gos between $10-$20 finished like 20th for 100 dollars not worth it. Ice Bank Mice Elf finished in 1st for both sitncrush and the beast like 6 weeks in a row has to be a bot.

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A bit of background about me, I am from the UK and am 24 years old. I first started playing poker in 2014 and grinded a decent return during my university studies. I decided to quit in 2017 after going on a soul crushing downswing that put me off the game for a while. Fast foward to summer of 2020 and a few years of career grinding.

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Insane variance happens when you’re beating 50nl for 2-3bb/100 not so much when your beating 50plo for 17-20bb/100. If you suck at PLO and haven’t worked on your game in the least amount to be able to crush the droolers then you should expect massive swings and crazy variance. level 1. GrassFedTransPOC.