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Dana 44 RockCrusher Differential Covers

Part #: Dana 44 I was in the market for some good differential covers this time around. I had gone the cheap route a few times in the past and while they worked pretty good, I got tired of having to remove them to get at the cover, having them leak because they were such a pain to install, and of course having to clean them out when they filled up with mud or debris.

Rock Crusher Bumper - ASP Eberle

Pro Comp Rock Crusher Bumper Constructed with 1/4"plate steel, these bumpers are designed for high departure and approach angles. The 1/4 plate…

Daystar 1.75" Budget Boost front and rear, <2500 miles

This is for the front and rear spacers ONLY which will provide 1.75" of lift front and rear. They can be stacked on top of either your factory coil spings or on top of an aftermarket lift kit which will yield you more lift affordibly. Asking price is $60 + shipping for all 4 spacers. PM me if interested. Here is Daystar's product description

Four Real Steel Bumper?? | Great Lakes 4x4. The largest

I'm was wondering if anyone has a Four Real Steel front bumper on their Jeep. I have a friend that is going to fab me up a front bumper and I really like the Rock Crusher Stinger that they sell but from what Daystar tells me you really dont have any good tow points with it, that's why they are desinging a new one but it won't be out for a while. If anyone has one of these could you please send me a few photo's from some differnt angles so I can get a better idea of how it's constructed? I've It will be noted that the motion is a rocking one. When the swing jaw is rising, it is opening, at the top, during the first half of the stroke, and closing during the second half, whereas the bottom of the jaw is closing during the entire up-stroke. A reversal of this motion occurs during the downstroke of the eccentric. See full list on The horizontal component of motion (throw) at the discharge point of the single-toggle jaw crusher is greater than the throw of the Dodge crusher at that point; in fact, it is about three-fourths that of Blake machines of similar short-side receiving-opening dimensions. The combination of favorable crushing angle, and non choking jaw plates, used in this machine, promotes a much freer action through the choke zone than that in the Dodge crusher. Capacities compare very favourably with comparable sizes of the Blake machine with non-choking plates, and permissible discharge settings are finer. A table of ratings is given. See full list on The single-toggle type jaw crusher has been developed extensively. Because of its simplicity, light weight, moderate cost, and good capacity, it has found quite a wide field of application in portable crushing rigs. It also fits into the small, single-stage mining operation much better than the slower Dodge type. Some years since, this type was developed with very wide openings for reduction crushing applications, but it was not able to seriously challenge the gyratory in this field, especially when the high-speed modern versions of the latter type were introduced. See full list on Within the limits of its capacity, and size of receiving openings, it is admirably suited for such operations. Small gravel plant operations are also suited to this type of crusher, although it should not be used where the gravel deposit contains extremely hard boulders. The crusher is easy to adjust, and, in common with most machines of the jaw type, is a simple crusher to maintain. In spite of their similarities, each crusher design has its own limitations and advantages that differ from the other one. A Gyratory crusher can be fed from two sides and is able to handle ore that tends to slab. Its design allows a higher speed motor with a higher reduction ratio between the motor and the crushing surface. This means a dollar saving in energy costs. A Jaw crusher on the other hand requires an Ely wheel to store energy. The box frame construction of this type of crusher also allows it to handle tougher ore. This design restricts the feeding of the crusher to one side only. When a machine has such a reputation for excellence that buyers have confidence in its ability to justify its purchase, IT MUST BE GOOD! Take the Type G Traylor Jaw Crusher, for instance. The engineers and operators of many great mining companies know from satisfying experience that this machine delivers a full measure of service and yields extra profits. So they specify it in full confidence and the purchase is made without the usual reluctance to lay out good money for a new machine. The success of the Type G Traylor Jaw Crusher is due to several characteristics. It is (1) STRONG almost to superfluity, being built of steel throughout; it is (2) FOOL-PROOF, being provided with our patented Safety Device which prevents breakage due to tramp iron or other causes of jamming; it is (3) ECONOMICAL to operate and maintain, being fitted with our well-known patented Bulldog Pitman and Toggle System, which saves power and wear by minimizing frictionpower that is employed to deliver increased production; it is (4) CONVENIENT to transport and erect in crowded or not easily accessible locations, because it is sectionalized to meet highly restrictive conditions. See full list on As rock particles are compressed between the inclined faces of the mantle and concaves there is a tendency for them to slip upward. Slippage occurs in all crushers, even in ideal conditions. Only the particles weight and the friction between it and the crusher surfaces counteract this tendency. In particular, very hard rock tends to slip upward rather than break. Choke feeding this kind of material can overload the motor, leaving no option but to regulate the feed. Smaller particles, which weigh less, and harder particles, which are more resistant to breakage, will tend to slip more. Anything that reduces friction, such as spray water or feed moisture, will promote slippage. See full list on A jaw crusher size is obtained by looking at its feed opening (gape) and length. As an example a monster 7959 of 79 x 59 (2m x 1.5m) will have its fixed jaws 79 apart where the feed enters on a 59 wide set of liner plates. The primary rock breaker that is most commonly used in small plants is a jaw crusher of the Blake type, a typical section of which is shown in Fig. 4. See full list on The jaw crusher discharge opening is the distance from the valley between corrugations on one jaw to the top of the mating corrugation on the other jaw. The crusher discharge opening governs the size of finished material produced by the crusher. See full list on To compensate for wear on toggle plate, toggle seat, pitman toggle seat and jaws additional shims must be inserted to maintain the same crusher opening. The setting adjustment system is designed to compensate for jaw plate wear and to change the CSS (closed side setting) of the jaw crusher. The setting adjustment system is built into the back frame end. See full list on is done considering the maximum rock-lump or large stone expected to be crushed and also includes the TPH tonnage rate needing to be crushed. In sizing, we not that jaw crushers will only have around 75% availability and extra sizing should permit this downtime. See full list on It will be seen that the pitman (226) is suspended from an eccentric on the flywheel shaft and consequently moves up and down as the latter revolves, forcing the toggle plates outwards at each revolution. The seating (234) of the rear toggle plate (239) is fixed to the crusher frame ; the bottom of the swing jaw (214) is therefore pushed forward each time the pitman rises, a tension rod (245) fitted with a spring (247) being used to bring it back as the pitman falls. Thus at each revolution of the flywheel the movable jaw crushes any lump of ore once against the stationary jaw (212) allowing it to fall as it swings back on the return half-stroke, until eventually the pieces have been broken small enough to drop out. It follows that the size to which the ore is crushed. See full list on The jaw crusher is not so efficient a machine as the gyratory crusher described in the next paragraph, the chief reason for this being that its crushing action is confined to the forward stroke of the jaw only, whereas the gyratory crusher does useful work during the whole of its revolution. In addition, the jaw crusher cannot be choke-fed, as can the other machine, with the result that it is difficult to keep it working at its full capacity that is, at maximum efficiency. See full list on Tables 5 and 6 give particulars of different sizes of jaw crushers. The capacity figures are based on ore weighing 100 lb. per cubic foot ; for a heavier ore the figures should be increased in direct proportion to its weight in pounds per cubic foot. See full list on The Jaw crusher gets its name from the type of crushing surface used. This surface is literally two jaws. One of which is a STATIONARY OR FIXED JAW. The other is called a SWING JAW. See full list on These jaw crushers are ideal for small properties and they are of the high capacity forced feed design. On this first Forced Feed Jaw Crusher, the main frame and bumper are cast of special alloy iron and the initial cost is low. The frame is ribbed both vertically and horizontally to give maximum strength with minimum weight. The bumper is ruggedly constructed to withstand tremendous shock loads. Steel bumper can be furnished if desired. The side bearings are bronze; the bumper bearings are of the antifriction type. This bearing arrangement adds both strength and ease of movement. The jaw plates and cheek plates are reversible and are of the best grade manganese steel. The jaw opening is controlled by the position of an adjustable wedge block. The crusher is usually driven by a V-to-V belt drive, but it can be arranged for either V-to-flat or fiat belt drive. The 8x10 size utilizes a split frame and may be packed for muleback transportation. Cast steel frames can be furnished to obtain maximum durability. See full list on This second type of forced feed rock crusher is similar in design to the Type H listed above except for having a frame and bumper made of cast steel. This steel construction makes the unit lighter per unit of size, and adds considerable strength. The bearings are all of special design; they are bronze and will stand continuous service without any danger of failure. The jaw and cheek plates are manganese steel; and are completely reversible, thus adding to their wearing life. The jaw opening is controlled by the position of an adjustable wedge block. The crushers are usually driven by V-to-V but can be arranged for V-to-flat and belt drive. The 5x6 size and the 8x10 size can be made with sectionalized frame for muleback transportation. This crusher is ideal for strenuous conditions. Consider a multi jaw crusher. See full list on Whenever mining man need a crusher that is thoroughly reliable and big producer (which is of all time) they almost invariably think first of a Traylor Type G Jaw Crusher. By experience they know that this machine has built into it the four essentials to satisfaction and profit- strength, foolproofness, economy and convenience. See full list on This crusher is the high capacity, forced feed type with a one piece cast alloy iron frame. The eccentric bumper is special nickel cast iron and mounted on two tapered roller bearings which are sealed to exclude dirt. The eccentric shaft is machined from chrome nickel. The bearings are equipped with alloy bronze cast insets.

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Rock Crusher Bumper. Front Steel Black Powder Coated Pro Comp Order number: 1533.10 Car Type: Wrangler YJ: 87 - 95 Delivery Status: This product is currently not available. Pro Comp Rock Crusher Bumper Constructed with 1/4"plate steel, these bumpers are designed for €189.01. Artikel anfragen.

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Four Real Steel Bumper?? | Great Lakes 4x4. The largest

I'm was wondering if anyone has a Four Real Steel front bumper on their Jeep. I have a friend that is going to fab me up a front bumper and I really like the Rock Crusher Stinger that they sell but from what Daystar tells me you really dont have any good tow points with it, that's why they are desinging a new one but it won't be out for a while. If anyone has one of these could you please send me a few photo's from some differnt angles so I can get a better idea of how it's constructed? I've

11502.11 Front rock Crawler bumper - Quadratec › sites › defaultFront Rock Crawler Tube Bumper NO DRILLING REQUIRED P/N: 11502.11 and 11502.12 IMPORTANT NOTICE: Carefully read instructions before attempting to install this product. Omix-Ada nor Rugged Ridge is in no way responsible for any damage to the vehicle or personal injury that may occur during the installation or use of this product.

Daystar Rock Crusher Front Bumper

Daystar Rock Crusher Front Bumper . Prompt : Caesar is a famous mining equipment manufacturer well-known both at home and abroad, major in producing stone crushing equipment, mineral separation equipment, limestone grinding equipment, etc. $199.49. NEW N

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Daystar bumpers, and other Real Steel Products - Applications for your Jeep XJ, TJ, YJ and More.Check out Daystar's new Pre Runner style Front Bumper, Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier, Rock Rails, and Daystar's New Rugged Rack.

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Lift kits, lights, bumpers, wheels and tires, and much more!

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March - Rubble 276 views 03 TJ Sport 4.0/AT Dana 44 rear 4" superlift, Daystar Rock Crusher bumpers/Extreme rock sliders, T-MAX EW 9000 winch, 33 Mickey Thompson M/Ts on Eagle Alloy rims. slaytman Jun 08, 2009