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10 Things You Must Stop Doing to Your Cone Crusher

We see a lot of torn up cone crushers in our business and we see the same expensive problems crop up, time and again. Our technicians work on over a hundred different cones every year, both in our shop and out in the field. I asked two of our more experienced techs, Bill and Dave, to talk a bit about the most common problems they see. They started rattling off a bunch of things they have seen, but I will limit this list to ten items. Maybe one of their observations will help you keep your

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The temperature of the lubricating oil is too high. If the oil temperature of the lubricating oil of the cone crusher is high, the lubrication effect will be reduced, and the machine will not operate normally. Oil temperature and oil pressure rise. The oil pressure in the thin oil lubrication system of the cone crusher increases and the oil return temperature also rises accordingly. Low oil pressure after the oil pump is started. The reason. Low lubricating oil temperature. The oil pipe is blocked or the oil pump is not working properly. The oil contains a lot of fine mud and impurities. The reason. The sealing and dustproof device fails. The water pipe is blocked or leaked causing water shortage. The oil temperature is too high. Cause: The quality of the oil is poor or the oil is insufficient; the bearing is damaged; the ambient temperature is high, there is no cooling water or the cooling water pressure is low; the cooler is clogged. Oil temperature and pressure rise. Cause: The tubing or oil groove is clogged and the safety valve is faulty. Solution: Stop the machine, check and repair. Oil pressure is low after oil pump is started. Cause: The oil temperature is low; the pipe is blocked or the pump is running abnormally. Solution: Heat to increase oil temperature; repair pipe or oil pump. Oil contain lots of fine mud and impurities. Causes: failure of sealing dustproof device; water shortage caused by blockage or leakage of water pipe. People also ask What are the problems with a cone crusher? Cone crusher has high crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, uniform product size, suitable for medium crushing and fine crushing of various ores and rocks. In the cone crusher working process will encounter a variety of problems, So, we provides 14 common fault causes and solutions! 1. The oil temperature is too high. 2. Cone Crusher Common Problems And How To Fix Them | M&C

14 common faults and solutions for cone crushers Mar,31,2021. As an important equipment in the mining crushing industry, the cone crusher has brought considerable economic benefits to mining crushing users. However, due to the harsh working environment, v

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Common failures and solutions of cone crusher. zzyifan — 2020-05-26 add comment. Fault 1: The oil pressure in the oil pipes before and after the filter is not the same. Cause of failure: clogged filter Troubleshooting methods: When the oil pressure dif

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Common problems for Hydraulic Cone Crusher: The performance of ordinary hydraulic cone crusher acts as the reference for the performance of HP series of cone crusher. As a composing unit of the production line, its performance can be influenced by other units like feeder, belt conveyor, vibrating screen, motor, transmission part and hopper, etc.

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Analysis of Common Faults and Causes of Cone Crusher. The first fault is too high oil temperature of cone crusher there are usually several reasons for this failure firstly, the quality of the oil used in cone crusher is poor secondly, there is not enough oil left in the cone crusher thirdly, the bearing damage and serious friction of cone crusher causes the oil temperature to rise high

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Cone crusher as the crushing machine for the hardness ores is inevitably to appear big or small failures after frequent movement and strong impacting. Combining the customers’ feedbacks, Luoyang Dahua summaries the common faults and gives some advice based on the rich experiences in production, installation and maintenance, hoping to bring helps for you.

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Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers are widely used in the sand aggregate and mining industries, especially in the medium and fine crushing processing systems of medium-hard materials. We introduce 4 common problems in the operation of cone crusher : abnormal vibration , high noise , easy dirty lubricating oil , high oil return temperature , and introduce how to solve them .

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Here, Yuhong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou City, China has summed up the common faults and causes of cone crusher. The first fault is too high oil temperature of cone crusher. There are usually several reasons for this failure. Firstly, the quality of the oil used in cone crusher is poor.

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Even if the cone crusher fails, it can be solved in time. The following are some of the common faults and related causes of cone crushers summarized by Great Wall Heavy Industry. Question 1: Cone crusher oil temperature raises too high when works Possible reasons: 1,The oil quality is not good or suitable for cone crusher 2,There is not enough oil

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Cone crusher common faults and solutions. cone crusher common faults common types of jaw crusher Grinding Mill China common types of jaw crusher The jaw crushers are common types of rock crushing machines which can be found on the market in a variety of sies and shapesne crusher faults vegesnafoundation. Cone Crusher Fault And Problem Ontwerpbureau

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Hydraulic cone crusher common problems and solutions. ? Get Price. cone crusher problems, process crusher, mining equipment exports. cone crusher problems 154 Views. The prm is the professional mining equipments manufacturer in the world, located in Ch

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Cone crusher basics in 4 minutes The importance of the right mantle and concave What is the eccentric throw? What affects cone crusher performance? What affects liner life? Common Feed arrangement problems Optimal feed arrangement Premium Mantle Solutions – Flexifeed and Oversize Breaker High Reduction Concave

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Cone crusher working site. During the operation of the cone crusher, the operator often encounters a variety of problems. This article will list the common problems of the cone crusher and our professional engineers will give the most appropriate solutions, hoping it can help you.

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Crushing and Grinding Solutions ← triturador de polvos de 185 micrometros. glass pulverizer → cone crusher common faults. Posted on May 31, 2013 by shuijing. stone crusher aggregate, cone crusher crushing capacity … Home >> Rock Crushing Plant stone

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Today, we would like to introduce several common problems and solutions in production of hydraulic cone crusher. Adjust timely if there is any overload When the machine is overloaded, the protection system at the drive motor will be activated, and the crusher will stop working, which means that the required power is insufficient.