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However, we got an attractive offer of two units of “Oro Low-G 16” Horizontal Centrifuge Primary Concentrators” (used, but in excellent condition); for the price of

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Horizontal Centrifuge found in: 642E Horizontal One Setting Centrifuge, Sprint™ Clinical Centrifuge, MicroPlate Centrifuges, 642B Single Speed Horizontal..

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Centrifugal Concentrator found in: Spin-X® UF Centrifugal Concentrators, the rotor accelerates and the centrifugal force "swings" the plates into a horizontal.

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The spiral concentrator is a modern high-capacity and low-cost device. caused by a complex combined effect of centrifugal force, differential settling, and heavy particle

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Vivaspin® Centrifugal Concentrators. Centrifugation provides the force to rapidly remove solvents and small molecules through the ultrafiltration membrane.

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The Bio-PRF system is the first commercially available horizontal centrifuge specifically-designed for the production of platelet rich fibrin. Bio-PRF is a 100%

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30" Oro Industries Low-G Horizontal Centrifuge: Classified material feed: 1/4" or 3/8" Production Capacity: 40 tons/hour – 25 cubic yards or 20 cubic meters..

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Vivaspin® 20 handles up to 20ml in swing bucket centrifuges 14ml in 25° fixed angle rotors accepting 50ml centrifuge tubes. Featuring twin vertical membranes for

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our Low-G Horizontal Centrifuge (primary concentrator), and our Reverse MultiHelix. Spiral. Thus, the Horizontal Centrifuge was perfected for high volume, primary recovery of