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Cement plant vertical roller mill operational and maintenance

For several decades the cement industry has successfully utilized Vertical Roller Mills (VRM)for grinding of materials and solid fuels. Most recently, this technology has been employed for the comminution of Portland cement, blended cements and slag cements. The Vertical Roller Mills offer several benefits compared to the ball mill.

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A stable material layer with proper thickness is indispensable for the well functioning of the vertical roller mill. Too thick material layer will reduce the grinding efficiency of the vertical roller mill. When the pressure difference of the mill reaches the limit, the material layer will collapse and affect the operation of the main motor and the discharge system. Too thin material layer will cause the mill to generate stronger driving force and damage the rollers, millstone, and hydraulic system of the mill. See full list on cementplantsupplier.com Strong vibration of the mill body may cause to mechanical failure and has a bad effect on the product quality. There are many factors that may make mill body vibrate, including the grinding pressure, material layer thickness, air volume and temperature, accumulator pressure, wear condition of the roller and the grinding plate, etc. See full list on cementplantsupplier.com The grinding pressure is one of the key factors that have a great impact on the yield and quality of products. The grinding pressure of the mill should be adjusted according to the fed quantity, the particle size, and the grindability of the material. It must be well controlled to maintain the thickness of the material layer, reduce the vibration of the mill body, and ensure that the stable operation of the mill. Increasing the grinding pressure will improve the grinding capacity of the mill, but the grinding capacity will stop increasing when the grinding pressure reaches a certain critical point. If the set pressure of the hydraulic cylinder is too high, it will only increase the driving force and accelerate the wear of parts, but not improve the grinding capacity. Too low grinding pressure will lead to the increase of the material layer thickness, the main motor current, the pressure difference in the mill, and also the vibration amplitude of the mill. On the other hand, too high See full list on cementplantsupplier.com If the gas temperature at the discharging port of the mill is too low, the fluidity of the material will become poor, and the qualified products cannot be discharged from the mill in time. The gas temperature at the discharging port can be increased by increasing the opening of the hot air door and reducing the opening of the circulating air door. However, when the gas temperature exceeds 130 ℃, the equipment will also be damaged. For example, the dividing wheel at the lower part of the cyclone will expand and get stuck, and the lubricating grease of the grinding roller will dry and crack, which is also unfavorable to the tail dust collection bag. Each mill has its own adaptive temperature, of which the operators must be aware during the operation. See full list on cementplantsupplier.com In vertical roller mills, the air volume in the mill is determined by the material feed rate. The air volume can be controlled by adjusting the power of the circulating fan of the mill or the opening of the exhaust fan at the kiln tail. If the air volume is too large, the pressure difference in the mill and the current of the main motor will decrease, the thickness of the material layer will become thin, and the vibration degree of the mill body will become strong. If the air volume of the system is too small, the thickness of the material layer, the pressure difference in the mill, and the current of the main motor will increase, and so will the vibration speed of the mill. See full list on cementplantsupplier.com In the material grinding vertical mill, the heat source for drying the materials is the hot gas exhausted from the rotary kiln. When operating the vertical roller mill, the operator must control the inlet and outlet air valves to make the air volume of the system in a balanced state, so as not to affect the air pressure at the back end of the rotary kiln. We are AGICO, a professional cement equipment manufacturer and cement plant contractor. We have several models of vertical roller mills for sale. Please feel free to contact us for more information! See full list on cementplantsupplier.com Cement Mill Operating Data The VRM for cement grinding offers a significant advantage in power savings. Typically, the VRM uses 50% less power than a ball mill when grinding the same clinker to 3900 Blaine. VRMs are also much more adept at handling hot feed compared to ball mills. People also ask What can a vertical roller mill be used for? B y Dr Michael Clark, UK. Vertical roller mills (VRMs) have become the equipment of choice for and solid fuel grinding in cement factories. Increasingly modern cement plants also use VRMs for cement grinding. roller mill optimisation

Vertical mill is a equipment that grinds materials by relative rolling of a grinding roller on grinding disc. There are several aspects to the normal operation of the vertical mill: The material layer of Vertical mill The proper thickness of the layer and stable layer are basis for stable operation.

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Cement grinding operation may be performed in one of the following mill setups. Ball and tube mills. Vertical Roller Mills (VRM). Roller press with Ball mill.

PROCESS CONTROL FOR CEMENT GRINDING IN VERTICAL ROLLER MILL www.arpnjournals.org › jeas › research_papersOptimization of cement grinding using standard bond grinding calculations based on population balance models is successfully applied [4, 38]. Various grinding laws, energy relationships, control factors and controller design for cement grinding are discussed in [37]. Figure-1. Vertical roller mill for cement grinding [13].

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A cement mill (or finish mill in North American usage) is the equipment used to grind the hard, nodular clinker from the cement kiln into the fine grey powder that is cement. Most cement is currently ground in ball mills and also vertical roller mills which are more effective than ball mills.

Foundation for roller press in a cement plant A case study dspace.cusat.ac.in › jspui › bitstreamA roller press is installed in front of grinding installations to cut down energy consumption in the grinding unit. Installa-tion of a roller press before rolling mill or cement mill in cement plants is now becoming a common feature. In a roller press, clinker material is subjected to extreme pressure between opposing rollers for a short time

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The cement roller press is generally applied to the cement grinding plant, according to the real working process, cement roller press works with cement ball mill or vertical cement mill, which helps cement grinding plant to works well.

Vertical roller mill for Application p rocess materials www.jcassoc.or.jp › cement › 4pdfVertical roller mills are adopted in 20 cement plants (44 mills) in Japan. Results Table Energy saving effect of the vertical roller mill Ball mill Specific power Cost estimation About 14million US$ [Newly-built] and about 230 million US$ [retrofitted],

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Polysius Roller Mills. For grinding. sition and flow properties. Our comprehensive co-operation with plant owners provide the basis for The extensive range of Polysius roller mills provides x materials for the cement manufacturing process, cement material grinding in .. The diagram shows an unclassified portion of

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Cement ball mill is a main cement grinding mill with a low energy utilization rate (only 3%-5%). Compared with the grinding energy consumption, most of its energy is consumed by collision heating and noise. Therefore, we usually adopt the cement roller press to replace the fine crushing and coarse grinding role of the ball mill.

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