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The processing of titanium metal occurs in four major steps: reduction of titanium ore into "sponge", a porous form; melting of sponge, or sponge plus a master alloy to form an ingot; primary fabrication, where an ingot is converted into general mill products such as billet, bar, plate, sheet, strip, and tube; and secondary fabrication of finished shapes from mill products.

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Transporting ore for processing can take considerable time and energy and can contribute significantly to the overall cost of production in both surface and underground mining operations. An area for exploratory research should be downstream processing while the ore is being transported. For certain processes transport by conveyer-belt systems and hydraulic transport through pipelines would allow for some processing before the ore reaches the final process mills. Physical separation

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Solid state reduction: During this process, selected ore is crushed, mixed with a reducing species like carbon, and passed through a furnace which results in a cake of sponge metal being formed. The sponge metal is then crushed, separated and sieved to produce powder. This is a tried but true process for metal powder production, however it can take up to 3 days in a furnace to reduce the ore. In addition, the purity of the ore that is put into this process is the purity of the resultant product.

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* Find Ornella in Heidel and complete the Materials for Equipment Repair Quest to obtain related knowledge. * In order to perform the Quest for Beginner Processing knowledge, achieve Gathering Apprentice 4 or higher and visit Ficy in Heidel to complete the corresponding Quest. Refer to the Black Spirit Guide (,) for detailed information.

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Roasting is a process of heating a sulfide ore to a high temperature in presence of air. It is a step of the processing of certain ores.More specifically, roasting is a metallurgical process involving gas–solid reactions at elevated temperatures with the goal of purifying the metal component(s).

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Our Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC) is a leading North American producer and exporter of premium iron ore pellets and high-grade concentrate. Our operations include a mine with five operational pits, a concentrator and a pelletising plant located near Labrador City, in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, in the region known as the “Labrador Trough”, an established basin with significant deposits for the supply of high-grade iron ore products. We also operate a wholly